Flat Roof Repairs: Leaking Flat Roofs

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Flat roofs are a popular choice on houses, garages, extensions and more. They are often relatively cheap to install and can offer practicality in terms of freeing up more space. However, perhaps the biggest disadvantage to having a flat roof is that they can be prone to leaking when they get damaged.

Bondright Roofing Services are trained and experienced in flat roof repairs and replacements in the Oxford area; we fix leaking flat roofs and all types of damaged flat roofs.

Leaking Flat Roofs:

While they do have a very slight gradient, given the nature of their design, flat roofs do not drain water anywhere near as efficiently as pitched roofs. As a result, rainwater is more likely to puddle and remain on the roof, which could lead to the material breaking down (and eventually leaking), especially along the seams.

It is therefore natural to assume that winter downpours would be the main cause of damage to a flat roof. But the truth is that prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can be just as detrimental to a flat roof. Hot weather can deteriorate the material on a flat roof, especially those that are made of felt. We have just enjoyed a long, hot summer so it would be sensible now to check a flat roof for any signs of damage.

If you suspect any issues, it is advisable to ask a professional to take a look, in order to prevent a flat roof leak when the rain does begin to fall in autumn/winter. It is much easier and more cost effective to repair an isolated flat roof problem rather than to wait for the problem to exacerbate.

In localised, one off cases of flat roof leaks, having the flat roof repaired by a professional would be the advisable option. Yet if the problem is more widespread, a quick repair may not be sufficient. If there are leaks in multiple places, or if large areas of the surface have deteriorated heavily due to UV damage, this will likely require the roof to be replaced. This is why it is advisable to regularly maintain and check a flat roof for early signs of damage.

Early Signs of Flat Roof Damage:

Presuming you are not an expert in roofing, you might be asking yourself what early signs of damage can I look out for myself to prevent a leaking flat roof

Firstly, long before drops of water start dripping down into the building, dark brown patches of moist will begin to collect on the ceiling. These damp patches occur as a result of the moisture from a damaged flat roof slowly seeping through. Eventually the damp patches will grow and water will force its way through the ceiling.

This is the first warning sign that you should seek professional help, or at the very least investigate the problem yourself. Though, climbing onto flat roofs is not recommended for non-professionals, as they can’t all withhold the same weight. It is much safer to consult an expert.

Other causes for concern include blistering of the material and large pools of water collecting on the flat roof. Blistering occurs when air or moisture is trapped between the layers, which is often as a result of poor installation. Weather conditions can cause flat roof blisters to grow quicker.

Dripping water through a ceiling on a cold, winter night is a nightmare scenario. We understand that is essential for you to have a stable roof over your head, fitted and maintained by experts. For any flat roof problems or concerns, get in touch with Bondright Roofing Services. Visit our website here or call us on: 0800 1692361

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